My journey

Meindert Jan Siebren 
Van Wensen – Van Der Schaar
Sunday 20 February 1977 

Born in The Hague, the Netherlands. My dad is the breadwinner of the family; my mom is a Stay At Home Mom and takes care of my older brother and me.

Life motto of the family – “Family First“. It resulted in a safe, uncomplicated and loving childhood.


The start of a bumpy high school career.


Goodbye parental home. Hello student life.


Bachelor of Commerce. All set. Time to build up my professional career. Not for me.

Emigrated to the remote village of Caraz, at the end of the Callejon de Huaylas, high up in the Peruvian Andes. To restore an abandoned flower farm.


Foundation of my own company: Atlantic Connection Consultancy (ACC).  The best excuse for me to keep on travelling the world, meet interesting people and develop new business.


I fall in love with Beatrice.


The wedding. We have our first child Julius. A dual-income household in Amsterdam.


I start an Executive Master in Finance; many late evenings and long weekends later I am a Master in Finance.

All set again.


New challenge. International Sales Manager at one of the leading Dutch greenhouse companies.


We have our second child Alexia. We decide to accept an international job-offer for my wife.


We emigrate with the family to Lucerne, Switzerland. The Dutch website makes a movie series of our move.

Another international career move: Full Time Stay At Home Dad (SAHD) with a 6 months old daughter, a 4 year old son. No social support system to rely on.

The two day course How2Talk2Kids ignited a fire in me. I found my passion for kids, their development and the impact of parenting.

I am eager to become a Self-Made-SAHD and start a blog #MyDaddyTalks.

I continued acquiring knowledge about my passion. Finished Neufeld – Intensive I: Making Sense of Kids.


Completed Neufeld Intensive II: The Separation Complex.

Initiated the Fatherhood Cafe once a month and talk about parenting with fellow dads.

Interview by the Dutch parenting magazine Ouders Van Nu.


Hosted several Beers & Braids event in Luzern.

Released the 6.5 hour / 108 lectures Online Udemy Course: Unleash your talent to parent.


Due to Covid19 I reinvented myself and transformed the Positive Parenting Workshop into the LIVE online Zoom workshop: THE LEADERSHIP WORKSHOP FOR PARENTS.


Got my Coaching Diploma at Nonons. Pick and choose a date + time for a 15 minute conversation with Meindert.


Meindert van Wensen
Van Oldenbarneveldtstraat 23 hs, 1052 JR Amsterdam
+31 6 432 63 361

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