At the age of 27 I had my first child; my company Atlantic Connection Consultancy – nickname ACC. I was a young entrepreneur and busy to build a village to grow my business. Unaware of the famous proverb.

Loui, my first villager, grants me my first project and business. We develop many flower investment projects in Latin America. Loui introduced me to Marc. With Marc I develop joint venture projects in India. My relationship with Loui and Marc is great, the best ambassadors I for ACC. 

No investors or seed capital, I depended on myself and the village. It was quite successful. I travelled the world developing the most interesting investment projects.  

Now, age 41 and two kids of flesh and blood later, I strongly believe in the African proverb “It Takes a Village to Raise a Child”. My kids thrive and develop because of the community surrounding them – the village. I am consciously building solid relationships with the villagers: the neighbours, the schoolteacher, babysitters, the parents of my kid’s friends and many more.  

Just as managers don’t develop business alone, parents don’t raise their kids alone. 

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