Do a Course on Parenting and Start Leading Like A Parent at Home and in the Office.


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    This is wonderful. I love the part that says a leader takes care of his colleagues like his children. Again, taking and treating parenting as a leadership concept. As a parent, my style is based on values and norms I have learned from my culture and especially what the Bible I read and believe in says. I agree with you 100% that parenting is a leadership issue. I believe that the concept of parenting can be transferred to the workplace. It is a great idea.

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      Hi Albert, Thank you so much for your nice words. You might like this video as well My goal is to reach out to men, dads. They are in business and interested in leadership. I think it will be groundbreaking to land this topic in that arena.
      Looking forward to having your feedback on my #LeadLikeAParent content.
      You can also follow me on LinkedIn, Facebook and/or Instagram. On these Social Media platform I am continuously talking and posting about the topic.
      Thanks again, love your engagement.
      With Love from Luzern!

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