April 10, 2019

Founded in 1963; Van den Brink still manufactures high-quality injection moulds for the international packaging industry. A little Dutch precious jewel, competing with powerful international players.

To thrive and survive in this highly competitive market, Van den Brink had to be smarter than the rest.

In 2006, the director took a leap forward and initiated the first strategic cooperation with the company’s most important client. A risky operation, but “If you are afraid to lose, you forget to win”.

This new development wasn’t exactly supported throughout the company. But, the director managed to get the team on board, because they had the confidence that he knew what was best for the company.

He is my example of “lead like a parent”.

In five years, the company founded three satellite workshops: in Russia, South Africa and Egypt. Trained and educated its international customers in mould manufacturing and maintenance. And transformed its key customers into long term strategic partners.

I met the director in 2005. He hired me to develop the business plan and acquire funding to realize his vision. Just like him. I invest in my children and hope for healthy growth and maturation.

The one and only difference: my investment is emotional, not financial.

Let me explain. To enable my children to struggle with their ugly emotions, requires me to withhold from smoothing out or buying off their uncomfortable feelings. It can be tough to see them struggle, but I have to take some emotional pain today in order to facilitate healthy maturation.

Every single time my kids go through an emotion, I see them grow.

Okay kids, we have to go to the dentist now . . . “. It would be so much more convenient for me to buy a cheap present and smooth out their feelings of anxiety. But by robbing their uncomfortable feelings I am blocking healthy growth.

Emotions Are the Motor of Maturation

No Pain, No Gain!


  • Reply Ruud van Wensen April 27, 2019 at 11:09 am

    I also was involved in the v/d Brink case. It was an inspiring experience! My trip to SA unfortunately was cancelled. At that the link with parenting was not yet alert! So it would be interresting to der what would be the situation now
    in 2019! 🤔

    • Reply mydaddytalks April 30, 2019 at 5:08 am

      Parenting was not a criteria at PSI at that time. A shame because it is at the root of sustainable development.

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