Yesterday evening it all looked calm and healthy. But now, early in the morning, my two-year-old son is puking and sweating, sick as dog. Day-care is a no-go and both my wife and I have early morning responsibilities at work.

This morning it is my turn.

7am. I am reaching out to our family support system; grandma’s, neighbours, babysitters and friends. Like an angel dropping from the sky, our babysit can be there at 8:30am.

After all, I make it at work only one hour late.

I say to myself, “a remarkable piece of crisis management, job well done!”. 

Later that day my manager calls me in for a meeting. He addresses the issue of arriving late. And in consultation with the management-team it is decided that I have to use the punch clock as of today. In our sales team, I’m the only one on the punch-clock-leash. 

As a first-time dad, eager to be successful in my new job, it was a nightmare. I was trying to make it work in the office and at home with my recently extended family. 

Soon, I realized that this company was not for me. It took another year before I left. 

In hindsight I am amazed how I was able to continue working in this company. In favor of my employer and my own career, I was able to put my family values aside. It had to do with a deep sense of employer loyalty and respect for having a job. 

All in the name of my family. How contradictory!

For any future job interview I will be crystal clear about my work ethics and values: 


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