Just a few months on the way and Mr. David Michael Solomon already decided to resign. The question rises “what can be so urgent for a fresh CEO and chairman to make such an abrupt decision?”. At #mydaddytalks we decided to make the call and get to the bottom of it. 

Next to electronic dance music, Mr. Solomon appears to be a huge fan of the Dutch soccer player Robin van Persie. While reading an article about Robin’s motivation for his transfer from Fenerbahçe to Feyenoord, he realized that he was in the same position. To resign was the most logical thing to do, a no brainer. 

So, what made van Persie decide to exchange the sun for the rain, Istanbul for Rotterdam? Well, his oldest son just turned twelve and started in secondary school. Robin and his wife find it important and beneficial for their two kids to offer them a solid home-base during their teenager years.  

After years of long days and weekends in the office, Mr. Solomon realized that it’s now or never to spend more time with his children and support their upcoming transfer from primary school to secondary school.

Mr. Santiago Alejandro Henriquez-Duarte will fill in the open position of CEO. While Ms. Silvia Abigail Harrison-Miller will be the new Chairman. Goldman decided to split the position as both newcomers have been Stay At Home Parents for the last few years. 

Note: this is a fake news-message.

Imagine, the impact it would have on: the banking sector image, women, men, children, society and humanity. 

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