The first boxes with fresh flowers left the farm, on their way to the Netherlands. The previous year I helped to rebuild an abandoned flower farm in Caraz. A remote village in Peru, high up in the Andean mountains.  

It feels great, I am on top of the world. Why not help more Dutch entrepreneurs with their overseas investment projects? So, I decide to move back to Amsterdam and start my own company, Atlantic Connection Consultancy. With ACC I travel to many more exotic countries. 

With no strings attached. I took every opportunity to explore the world in the name of international-business-development. Distinguishing a snoepreisje (pleasure trip) from a key trip was irrelevant.

There was no wife, let alone kids.

Suddenly I am a proud father. Exploring the world seems to matter a whole lot less. Instead of jumping in an airplane for a face-to-face meeting, I use Skype.

The dad-transition makes me aware of the value of time. I start to plan and organize my international business trips with more focus and reduce the number of flights. 

As a result, my employer is saving money on expensive business trips and gets a better employee in return. 

This free quality upgrade does not stand alone. There are many more arguments in favour of introducing a parent premium. 

Interested? Read my other blogs about parents in business.

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