It took weeks of preparation but we made it. We are off to our first Indian wedding. Left the kids behind in Switzerland with the nanny and my parents, who arrived just in time from the Netherlands.

As usual the newly wed couple opened the party with their carefully prepared first dance. But it was Pau, the eight year old son of Xavier, who owned the dance floor. Carefully observed by his younger sister Mar. In stead of travelling light, like us, Xavier and his wife Helena were travelling with the kids, in India.

I was intrigued by this Spanish family. My first thought was, “Poor parents. Unable to organize a child-care-crew back home. They must be exceptionally good friends of the bride and groom”

Like so often, things are not as you expect.

Xavier is an international sales and marketing director. A frequent flyer and the breadwinner. Four to five times a year Xavier takes his entire family on a business trip.

This modern nomad family organized themselves to travel together.

All around me, parents organise family-life the same. Trying hard to manage a work-life balance along the traditional routes. It’s like renovating a house in the knowledge that it has a poor foundation.  

It actually never crossed my mind to take the family on a business trip. What a great inspiration!

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