Last Friday the tenth Emancipation Monitor report was published. The topic: female participation on the labour market; is fiercely defended in the media by several female role models. Bottom line, emancipation makes little headway in the Netherlands.

My angle on the same topic is about fathers. On average, they work 8 hours a day and 40 hours a week.

#1 Fathers are eager to engage more with their kids

When I consulted my friends, they all thought it was a no-brainer to park my career and become a Stay At Home Dad. And over the last two years they told me that they would like to engage more with their children. My findings are in line with the Emancipation Monitor report.

#2 Where are the male role models?

Over the weekend I have seen a lot of female role models passionately defending their case. I have not heard from a male role model — a CEO or minister who is cutting back working hours to engage more with his children.

#3 Less is more

Technology and automation provide a great opportunity to work less hours. The Dutch emancipation movement, however, is framed around working more hours.

#4 Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater

Children thrive best under the loving care of their parents. With the simplistic focus on female participation only, children are paying the price.  

Fathers work in companies from nine in the morning until five in the evening. That is basically what they do. Throughout the week it leaves them little time to engage with their children.

Make fatherhood matter!

Because it is an obvious business case. It attracts and retains talent. An inclusive parenthood culture reinforces the corporate culture. Positive spin-off effects in the workplace are about taking responsibility, leadership, cooperation, innovation and engagement.

Let met be the first 21stcentury father role model.

You can contact me to talk about parenthood inclusion in your company +41 79-7880527 or

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